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To set up email on iPhone (or iPod Touch, or iPad) you will need this information:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your E-Mail Address, eg. ru-iphone@example.com
  3. Your E-Mail Password
  4. Your Incoming Mail Server, eg. mail.example.com
  5. Your Outgoing Mail Server, eg. smtp.example.com

With more and more of our clients using Apple iPhones (or iPod Touch, or iPad) we thought it was about time to provide a simple guide, explaining how to set up your email on it.

1. From the Apple iPhone's "settings" (normally found on the device's Home screen), tap on "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
2. Tap "Add Account.."
3. Tap "Other"
4. Tap "Add Mail Account"
5. Enter the following:
Your Name
Your full E-mail Address. Example: ru-iphone@example.com
Your E-mail Password
A description.
6. Tap Save
7. Tap POP
8. Enter the following:
Incoming Mail Server: mail.example.com (replacing example.com with your actual domain)
User Name: Your full E-mail Address (example: ru-iphone@example.com)
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): smtp.example.com (replacing example.com with your actual domain)
User Name: Your full E-mail Address (example: ru-iphone@example.com)
Password: Your E-mail Password
9. Tap Save
10. A warning 'Secure Connection Failed' may appear. Tap continue.
11. Tap your email account
12. Scroll down and tap "Advanced"
13. Set "Use SSL" to OFF
14. Tap the top left arrow to go back.
15. Tap SMTP.
16. Tap "Primary Server"
17. Set "Use SSL" to OFF
18. Tap "Server Port" and enter 25

That's it... it's pretty straight forward, and there's a few other advanced settings we've ignored here that you can play around with. Read the technical specifications for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 on http://www.iphone.com or http://www.ru-iphone.com

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